Books & Reading

two summers

Two Summer by Aimee Friedman

Two possible futures face Summer: either she will spend the summer in Provence with her father, ¬†or she will stay at home, coping with her mother–and which future depends on whether she answers a phone call.

love that split

Love That Split the World by Emily Henry

Natalie and Beau fall in love after discovering that they are the only two people capable of glimpsing into each other’s respective alternate worlds, a phenomenon they investigate while struggling to create a future they can share.

girl from everywhere

The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

Growing up on her father’s time-traveling ship, Nix struggles to preserve her life when her father pursues a map in the past that threatens her existence.


The Haters by Jesse Andrews

A road trip adventure about a trio of jazz-camp escapees who, against every realistic expectation, become a band.

essential maps

Essential Maps for the Lost by Deb Caletti

When Mads discovers a dead body while she’s swimming in the lake, she begins to obsess over who the woman was and what led her to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. But when she starts to fall for Billy the woman’s troubled son Mads isn’t sure how much longer she can keep her obsession a secret.