Books & Reading


Girls Like Me by Lola Stvil

Fifteen-year-old Shay is trying to cope with being overweight and getting bullied in school, but when she falls in love with mysterious Blake, insecure Shay needs the help of her two best friends to make love prevail.


Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Kaz and his crew find their loyalties tested after pulling off an impossible heist and are forced to fight for their lives when powerful enemies descend on Ketterdam in pursuit of knowledge about a dangerous drug.


It’s Not Me, It’s You by Stephanie Kate Strohm

Avery Dennis, a high school senior who recently suffered a humiliating breakup decides to reconstruct her dating history.


Be Good Be Real Be Crazy by Chelsey Philpot

Homer, Mia, and Einstein are three aimless teenagers searching for meaning on an epic road trip up the East Coast.


A Taste for Monsters by Matthew J. Kirby

In 1888, Evelyn Fallow has been hired as a maid to Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man–but when the Jack the Ripper murders begin she and Merrick find themselves haunted by the ghosts of the slain women, and Evelyn is caught up in the mystery of Jack’s identity.