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Teen spirit

Teen Spirit by Francesca Lia Block

Fearing that her less-than-perfect world will unravel after losing her beloved grandmother, Julie meets an equally damaged Clark, with whom she tries to contact the ghost of her grandmother, only to receive a response from a haunting figure from Clark’s past.

Break-Up Artist

The Break-Up Artist by Philip Siegel

Seeing the damage done to her peers and sister in the name of love, Becca starts a business to trick couples into breaking up and accepts an offer to separate her school’s most popular couple–a football player and her ex-best friend.



Exile by Kevin Emerson

As band manager for the up-and-coming DangerHeart, seventeen-year-old Summer Carlson navigates a relationship with the lead singer and decides whether to act on information that could rocket the band to stardom.

we are the goldens

We are the Goldens by Dana Reinhardt

Since their parents divorce Nell and her sister Layla have been each other’s stability and support. When Layla starts to pull away, Nell discovers a secret: Layla is involved with one of their teachers. Nell struggles with what to do next. 

Burn Out

Burn Out by Kristi Helvig

In the future, when the Earth is no longer easily habitable, 17-year-old Tora Reynolds struggles to protect weapons developed by her father that could lead to disaster should they fall into the wrong hands