Books & Reading


Be Good Be Real Be Crazy by Chelsey Philpot

Homer, Mia, and Einstein are three aimless teenagers searching for meaning on an epic road trip up the East Coast.


A Taste for Monsters by Matthew J. Kirby

In 1888, Evelyn Fallow has been hired as a maid to Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man–but when the Jack the Ripper murders begin she and Merrick find themselves haunted by the ghosts of the slain women, and Evelyn is caught up in the mystery of Jack’s identity.


Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel

In the late nineteenth century, a budding romance develops between Rachel and Samuel, two teenagers from rival families of fossil hunters heading out to the badlands in search of a rare dinosaur skeleton.


Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee by Mary G. Thompson

Amy and her cousin Dee were kidnapped six years ago, and when Amy finds her way home, she’s desperate to protect the ones she loves at any cost.


I’m Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Gretchen McNeil

After her boyfriend breaks up with her for another girl, Bea reinvents herself as a manic pixie dream girl to win him back.