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A Perfect Day for Love Letters…

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..don’t you think?
It’s Valentines Day and it’s A Perfect Day for Love Letters by George Asakura
Five Letters . . . Five Chances at Love…
When a librarian receives a love letter hidden in one of her books, she finds a very unlikely reading partner.
The meanest boy at school sends a letter that falls into the wrong hands, compelling him to reveal a side of himself that no one ever expected.
A mistreated young girl finds hope in a friend, and the strength to leave her troubled past behind.
There’s a single love letter–and its author could be any one of a number of boys. Now the search is on to discover the tender wordsmith’s identity.
When a mailman befriends a blind woman who recently lost her companion, he tries to heal her loneliness through love letters.
George Asakura leads us through five stories with humor, wit, and enough mystery to keep us guessing with each new delivery.