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New from Hilari Bell

February 17, 2010

Player’s Ruse: A Knight and Rogue Novel by Hilari Bell In alternating chapters, 18-year-old Sir Michael, a knight errant, and 17- year-old Fisk, his street-wise squire, relate their journey to Huckerston, a port town wher...

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Fondue: It’s Hip to Dip-Canceled

February 12, 2010

Tomorrow’s Fondue workshop has been canceled due to insufficient registration. Please check back for future teen programs and events.

Books & Reading

New book by Carolyn Mackler

February 12, 2010

Tangled by Carolyn Macker Read an interview with Carolyn Macker.

Books & Reading

Is her power a gift or a curse?

February 8, 2010

The Mark by  Jen Nadol While in Kansas living with an aunt she never knew existed and taking a course in philosophy, 16-year-old Cass struggles to learn what, if anything, she should do with her ability to see people marked to ...

Books & Reading

New from Angela Johnson

February 4, 2010

  Sweet, Hereafter by Angela Johnson Sweet leaves her family and goes to live in a cabin in the woods with the quiet but understanding Curtis, to whom she feels intensely connected, just as he is called back to serve again in I...