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Cross Currents: Baymen, Yachtsmen and Long Island Waters, 1830s- 1990s, by Elly ShodellBased on an exhibition produced by the Port Washington Public Library, this fascinating book describes the people, places, values, identities, times, traditions and artifacts of Long Island’s rich nautical history. 1993. 72p., illustrations. Paperbound. ISBN: 0-9615059-5-8.
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Flight Of Memory: Long Island’s Aeronautical Past, by Elly ShodellOnce known as the ‘Plymouth Rock’ of American aviation, Port Washington was a thriving hub of air and seaplane activity for over fifty years. Using photographs, documents and artifacts culled from dozens of private and institutional collections around the country, Flight of Memory documents the evolution of aviation in Port Washington as well as around Long Island. 1995. 86p., illustrations.Paperbound. ISBN: 0-9615059-7-4.
Price: $15.00
In the Service: Workers on the Grand Estates of Long Island, 1890s-1940s, by Elly ShodellIn the years between 1890 and 1940, Long Island was home to some of the wealthiest families in America. The Guggenheims, Belmonts, Vanderbilts, Goulds, and Hearsts were among those who had estates here. In order to maintain these vast properties, cadres of workers were recruited to fill jobs as butlers, chauffers, maids, cooks, dairymen, gardeners, valets and stablemen. In the Service brings the past to life with more than 80 contemporary and vintage photographs, as well as the narratives of the men and women who worked on the great estates. 1991. 66p., illustrations. Paperbound. ISBN: 0-9615059-2-3.
Price: $15.00
It Looks Like Yesterday To Me: Port Washington’s Afro-American Heritage, compiled by Elly ShodellThe title of this booklet derives from one of Long Island’s oldest African-American families, whose reminiscences are among dozens of interviews which were conducted during 1980 and 1981. This booklet vividly describes the stories of families who have resided in Port Washington for as long as two centuries. 1984. 36p., illustrations. Paperbound.
Price: $8.00
The Library Years, 1892-1992: Centennial History of the Library at Port Washington, by Richard Dodge WhittemoreFor anyone who lives in (or has lived in) Port Washington, this handsome 200-page volume will become a treasured possession. Here is the 100-year panorama of the library, told through old newspapers, documents, minutes of Woman’s Club and Board meetings, and illustrations. The Library Years brings to life all those people and events that have shaped this well-loved library. Available hardbound or paperbound.
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Particles of the Past: Sandmining on Long Island, 1870s-1980s, edited by Elly ShodellOne of the little known facts of Long Island history is its contribution to the building of New York City. The high quality sand found on Long Island was used for over a century in making the concrete for New York’s skyscrapers, sidewalks, subways and bridges. Between 1870 and 1920, workers were drawn to Long Island from all over Europe to mine this resource. By 1930, 100 million tons of sand had been delivered from Port Washington to the metropolitan New York area. This booklet is both a record and a recreation of the miners’ stories. 1985. 43p., illustrations; fold-out map. Paperbound. ISBN: 0-9615059-0-7.
Price: $15.00
People, Places, Planes: Aviation, Folk Art & Community, by Elly ShodellOn Long Island between 1910 and 1955, the airplane defined the economic and social life of the community. Today, people who grew up with the Air Age and made their living in the aircraft industries have reached the age of retirement and remembering. Their leisure activities now serve to keep them connected with the aviation community of the past and hold out the hope of connection with a community of the future. This book offers a unique insight into the aviation world that inhabited Long Island for so many years. 1997. 60p., illustrations. Paperbound. ISBN: 0-9615059-8-2.
Price: $10.00
Person to Person: An Oral History Project of the Port Washington Public Library, edited by Elly ShodellThis Friends of the Library-sponsored publication serves as an index to a collection of taped and transcribed interviews of people associated with the library over the years. It contains photographs as well as capsule recollections of the subjects 1993. 112p., illustrations. Paperbound. ISBN: 0-9615059-6-6.
Price: $10.00
Images of Port Washington

Port Washington, by Elly Shodell and the Port Washington Public Library

Rare photographs and text from the Library’s collection of 30,000 photographic prints, negatives and slides. Chapters on: Community Spirit, Family Life, Leisure and Culture, By the Bay, Work, Trains, Planes and Automobiles, Schools and Libraries. Identify friends, relatives, buildings, events, famous residents, businesses, and more!  Charleston, SC : Arcadia Pub., c2009. Paperbound.

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