Port Washington Aviation History

Manhasset Isle

Republic Aviation Corporation Hangar, 1994


In 1994 the abandoned Republic Aviation Corporation plant was demolished.  It looked nothing like it did below, circa 1953.

Top photo from the collection of Guy LaMotta.


I feel very bad about it, like the place has been desecrated.  I spent a lot of my lifetime there, and we built all those historic places.  It should have been preserved, part of it anyway.  But there’s nothing we can do about it.

– Josephine Rachiele

I had a lot of friends who worked at that plant.  I wanted to play the taps as they were taking the building down, as a dedication to them.  I been watchin’ it as it came down.

– Theodore Padova

Draftsmen at the American Aeronautical Corp. Plant, 1929

arch266The plant was located on Manhasset Isle.

Photo courtesy of of the Estate of Joseph J. Gaeta.

Republic Aviation Corp. Hangars, 1950s

arch604Aerial view of Republic Aviation Corporation, located on Manhasset Isle in Port Washington from 1950 to 1958.

Aerial View of Manhasset Isle, 1927


View of Hangars on Manhasset Isle, 1938

fom195View of Manhasset Bay, in front of Pan American hangar on Manhasset Isle.  Notice the flying boat that just landed!

The hangar floors were absolutely without a grease spot on them anywhere, the docks and floats were freshly painted, and a big signal mast with the national colors flying.  It was quite a handsome base altogether.

– William Masland

Aerial View of Tom's Point on Manhasset Isle

aviation32ANote the Republic Aviation Corporation manufacturing hangar, center, and Port’s Town Dock, top center.

Savoia-Marchetti S-56 on Manhasset Isle

arch267In front of the American Aeronautical Corporation hangar.

Photo from the estate of Joseph Gaeta.