Port Washington Aviation History

Flying Boats

Pan Am's Sikorsky S-42B In Hangar

arch068Photo from the collection of Willard Baker.

Boeing 314, Known As "Dixie Clipper", Takes Off

fom198The Dixie Clipper, a Boeing 314 flying boat operated by Pan American, was in service from 1939-1950.

See our post featuring artist John T. McCoy’s rendering of the Dixie Clipper here.

Pan American's Sikorsky S-42B in Water, 1937

arch066The “Bermuda Clipper” had the Pan American number NC16735.

The Cavalier Flying Boat, c. 1930s

arch074This flying boat, manufactured by the Short Brothers and called the Cavalier (each individual plane was given a name that started with “C”) carried passengers between Long Island and Bermuda in the late 1930s until it was lost January 21, 1939 en route to Bermuda.  There were 10 survivors and 3 fatalities.

Photo from the collection of Willard Baker.

Dornier Do X Over New York City, c. 1920s

fom243The Dornier Do X was the largest and bulkiest flying boat at the time of its production in 1929.  For other impressive views of this aircraft see the photos at Airliners.net or  a scale model of the plane at Hobbylinc.com.

Photo from the collection of Frank Strnad.