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Boeing 314, Known As "Dixie Clipper", Takes Off

fom198The Dixie Clipper, a Boeing 314 flying boat operated by Pan American, was in service from 1939-1950.

See our post featuring artist John T. McCoy’s rendering of the Dixie Clipper here.

August 16th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Air Cruises


  • Dick Griffiths

    As a young teenager I use to sail a Star out of Port Washnigton Yacht Club and remember both the Sikosky and Boeing Clippers taking off and landing just outside Port Washington harbor in the sound. They were always preceded by a flashy Pan Am speedboat with redlights and a siren. Does anyone have a picture of one of those speedboats?

    • Andy Christensen

      Hi Dick,

      Is a “Star” a little sailboat with one sail?

      If so, I have a photo from that period with two little sailboats going by some German seaplanes.

      And it’s in that Port Washington area.


  • Andy Christensen

    Hi Dick,
    I see your post was over a year ago. Are you still there?

    I have two pictures of Pan Am boats which I think are from the Port Washington area. My father worked for Pan Am there from January 1934 to July 1940 and I have his old negatives.

    Give me your email and I’ll send the pictures.


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