Port Washington's African-American Heritage

The Townsends

"Smittie," Irvie and Chet on Harbor Road


Chet Townsend (r.), cousin of Gerald Biddle.

Harry Townsend near Valley Road, 1946

afam012Cousin of Gerald Biddle.

Biddles and Dumpsons off to WWII


(l. to r.) Harold Tyson, Lorenzo Loze, Walter Biddle, Evelyn “Niecey” Loze, Frank Miller, “Buddy” Dumpson, Harry Townsend, Francis Eato

Wallace Townsend, 1944

afam120b. 1875, d. 1969.  Brother of Minnie Biddle.

Photo taken by William McMichael, owner of the White House Laundry.