Port Washington's African-American Heritage

The Biddles

Bea Whiteman and Aunt, Marjorie Biddle, 1983

afam114Beatrice Whiteman (l.) and Marjorie Biddle (r.).  Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Lizzie Biddle, 92 Harbor Road, late 1920s


Mike Scarpia and "Sparky" Biddle in front of Valley Road Garage

afam011Mike Scarpia (l.) and Frederick “Sparky” Biddle (r.).  Circa 1940s-1950s.

How “Sparky” got his nickname:
Whenever a car came in with something wrong, he said, “Gotta be the spark plug.”

Frederick "Sparky" and Minnie Biddle, c. 1950


Stewardess Board, Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church, 1963

afam036(l. to r.) Marjorie Biddle, Florence Longworth, Minnie Biddle, Reverend Brown, Mary Veit, Lizzie Biddle

The board met every first Sunday of the month at Communion.

Gerald Biddle on his Motorcycle, 1960s


Frederick "Sparky" Biddle at Gas Station

afam010Circa 1940.  Note: LIRR in background.

Marjorie Biddle with Teddy, 1939


Marjorie Biddle at the Rockaways, 1918


Marjorie Biddle at Work, 1920s


Gerald Biddle in Uniform, 1953

afam018“Love Gerald” 12/1/53

Gerald Biddle's Class, Grade 2, Sands Point School, 1942

afam008Top: (l-r) Malcolm Hill, Ralph Ciminera, Earl Da Costa, Gerald Biddle
Middle: (l-r) Tommy Dumpson, Wilbur Lewis, Carl Held, Donald Hansen, Lindsay Wiles, Henry Baginski
Bottom: (l-r) Jean Kelly, Joan Curtin, Wilma Noga, Helena Jenkins, Gloria Veit, Rita Karemski, Carolyn Gaeta, Francis Clyde, Laura Dumpson

Minnie Biddle at Christmas, 1946


b. 1870, d. 1971.  Wife of William Biddle.  Sister of Wallace Townsend.

William "Pop" Biddle, 1929


William “Pop” Biddle (b. 1866).  Husband of Minnie Biddle.

Biddles and Dumpsons off to WWII


(l. to r.) Harold Tyson, Lorenzo Loze, Walter Biddle, Evelyn “Niecey” Loze, Frank Miller, “Buddy” Dumpson, Harry Townsend, Francis Eato

William & Minnie Biddle, Harbor Road, c. 1940


Marjorie Biddle, 1983

afam081Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Gerald Biddle's Class, Grade 2, Sands Point School, 1942


Gerald Biddle, 1983

afam078Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

John, Palmer, Frank and Harry Taking in the Sun

afam080(l. to r.) John Biddle, Palmer Sheridan, Frank Laska and Harry Merritt sitting on a bench at Mill Pond.

Photo by Dorothea Hahn.