Port Washington's African-American Heritage


Beatrice Nixon, 1983

afam098Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Mary Louise Eato Making Eggnog at Christmas, 1950


Hubert and Ethel Goode in Front of Porch

afam057Taken in the 1940s or 1950s.  Ethel Goode d. 1983.

Beatrice Nixon's Photo Wall, 1983


Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Elly Shodell Interviewing Florence Longworth, 1980s

afam093Interview at Florence Longworth’s home, for “It Looks Like Yesterday to Me.”

Hubert Goode at Home, 1983

afam088Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Clarence Phillips at Home

afam102Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Beatrice Nixon, 1983

afam100Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Marjorie Biddle, 1983

afam081Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Florence Longworth at Home


Helen Austin at Home

afam077Photo by Larry Brown.