Port Washington's African-American Heritage


Beatrice Nixon, 1983

afam098Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Bea Whiteman and Aunt, Marjorie Biddle, 1983

afam114Beatrice Whiteman (l.) and Marjorie Biddle (r.).  Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Nicole Augustine at Littig House Reading the Family Tree, June 1983


Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Beatrice Nixon's Photo Wall, 1983


Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Elly Shodell Interviewing Florence Longworth, 1980s

afam093Interview at Florence Longworth’s home, for “It Looks Like Yesterday to Me.”

Hubert Goode at Home, 1983

afam088Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Clarence Phillips & Bill Dumpson, June 1983

afam103Taken at the Littig House Community Center.  Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Florence Longworth, June 1983

afam090Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Beatrice Nixon, 1983

afam100Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Ella Beatrice Russell, 1983

afam106Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Ethel Saulter, 1983

afam107Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Theodore Griffin at Work at Ghost Motocycles

afam089Photo by Larry Brown.

Reverend Lillian Frier Webb, Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church

afam113Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Clarence Phillips and Glenderlyn Johnson at Littig House Community Center, 1983

afam104Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Marjorie Biddle, 1983

afam081Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

John Blount, 1983

afam082Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Bill Dumpson at Littig House Family Reunion

afam084Photo by Larry Brown.

Gerald Biddle, 1983

afam078Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Dorothy Dumpson, 1983

afam085Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

Florence Longworth at Home


Clarence Phillips and Daughter at Testimonial Dinner, 1985

afam105Clarence Phillips and his daughter, Valerie Washington, at a testimonial dinner for Clarence, who had one of the North Shore’s first African-American landscaping businesses.

Photo by Dorothea Hahn.

John Simpkins, Jr. at Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church

afam111Photo by Larry Brown.

John, Palmer, Frank and Harry Taking in the Sun

afam080(l. to r.) John Biddle, Palmer Sheridan, Frank Laska and Harry Merritt sitting on a bench at Mill Pond.

Photo by Dorothea Hahn.