Advisory Councils


Evaluates and schedules art exhibits for the library’s Main Gallery. Arranges for lectures, seminars and discussions about the creative arts. Artists interested in submitting work for consideration should click on “Exhibits” and then “Exhibit Your Work” from the homepage or send a letter to the library c/o Art Advisory Council.

Council Members:

Reuben Bechtold
Christina Byers
Raisy Derzie
Allan Fishkind
Barbara Fishman
Betty Gimbel
Shelley Holtzman
Rita Katz
Marion Klein
Rachelle Krieger
Bruce Laird
Eileen Neville
Toby Ozure
Patti Paris
Ann Pellaton
Eric Pick
Pamela Record
Ellen Hallie Schiff
Shellie Schneider
Lynda Schwartz
Elaine Walden
Catchi, Honorary Life Member
Marian Goodman, Honorary Life Member
Marion McManus, Honorary Life Member
Dan Chuzmir, Staff Liaison


Advises the Library Director on programs for family audiences.

Council Members:
Nancy Gordon
Michele Hyde, Chairperson
Susan Kass
Elise Tepper
Lori Tyras
Jeffrey Zeh
Rachel Fox, Staff Liaison
Joni Simon, Staff Liaison 


The Health Advisory Council is appointed by the library’s Board of Trustees to advise on policies and programs that serve the health interests of the community.

Council Members:
Christine Alley, R.N. A.
A. Addison Barman, M.D.
Myron Blumenfeld, Honorary Life Member
Laura Leigh Carroll
Katherine Crean
Nancy J. Dintenfass, D.O.
Joan Easton, M.D.
Tina Fuchs, R.D.
Christine Anne Ganzer
Sarah Hogenauer, R.N., Chairperson
William S. Knight, M.D.
Patricia Mullholland
Margaret M. Rajnic, R.N.
Brenda Turok, Honorary Life Member
Janet West, Staff Liaison


Evaluates and schedules performances for the Library’s music program. Presents lectures, seminars and discussions about music and dance in its broadest interpretation.

Council Members:
Betty Bock
Ruth Feingold, Chair Emeritus
Frances Hettinger
Nettie Jonath
Jane Murphy
Jean Ritchie Pickow, Honorary Life Member
Bernard Schneider, Co-Chairperson
Jonathan Watkins
Mary Watts, Co-Chairperson
Jessica Ley, Staff Liaison


Advises the Library Director on nautical collections and services. Recommends and plans nautical programs for the public.

Council Members:
Craig Albrecht
Peter Bergen
Alan Bergman
William Brakman
MaryLu Dempsey
Alan Dinn
Joan Kent, Honorary Life Member
Ginger Marshall Martus, Honorary Life Member
Sue Miller
Bill Palafox
Bill Simon
Joshua M. Smith, Ph.D.
Andrea Watson, Chairperson
Joel Ziev
Jeff Zeh, Staff Liaison