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Special Thanks to Our Donors

The Port Washington Library Foundation is deeply grateful to donors at every level who have made it possible for us to support the library in its commitment to provide enhanced opportunities for literacy, reading enrichment, and lifelong learning.  Your gift to the Foundation provides funds for programs that would not otherwise be possible.

Thank you to our 2014 Donors!

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The complete 2014 donor list will be posted soon!

Our 2013 donors – Thank You!

 Director’s Circle

Karen and Edward A. K. Adler*
Robin Burns-McNeill*
Fern and Hersh Cohen*
Fay J. Lindner Foundation*
National Grid*
Pine Tree Foundation*
Ambassador and Mrs. Arnold Saltzman*
Pamela and Laurence Tarica*
Elise and Marvin Tepper*


Sherrie and Michael Pollack*


Myron H. Blumenfeld
Peter and Jeri DeJana Family Foundation*
Helen Matchett Demario Foundation*
Georgia and Benjamin DeYoung*
Greenberg Traurig, LLP*
Jane and Robert Harding*
Angela and Scott Jaggar Foundation*
Mildred and Martin Vogel*


Sandra and Joseph Cardiello*
Dorette and Peter Forman*
Amy Maiello Hagedorn*
Anne and Vincent Mai*
Maurice Mandel*
Judith and Morton Sloan*
Harold M. Spielman*


Alpers Hardware
Amy and Geoffrey Bass*
Paula and Ted Bier
Jane and Michael Broido*
June and Joseph Burden*
Audrey and Russell Burman*
Sheryl and Stuart F. Chuzmir*
Nancy Comer*
Community National Bank*
Kathy Corcoran*
Nancy and Terence Curtin*
Maureen and Gerard Devas*
Dorothy and Thomas Donoghue*
Ruth Feingold*
Barbara and Harvey S. Fishman*
Ellen and Richard Fox*
Jacquie Holmes and Robert Frabasile*
Antonella and Amedeo Gabrielli*
Judy and Ted Goldsmith*
Alyson and William Green*
Julie and Joel Greenblatt*
Henry Schein, Inc*
J.P. Morgan Chase*
Edith and Stanley Katz*
Mary and Martin M. Kay*
Felicia Rosen and Robert Klugman*
Amy and David Kornblau*
Amy and Jeffrey T. Kovner*
Carol and Sanford Krieger*
Laffey Fine Homes*
Nancy and Lewis B. Lane*
Elaine and Kenneth Langone*
Susan and Peter Lerner*
Janet and Avery Lipman*
Jack Mandel*
Phyllis and Harry H. Manko*
Pam and John O’Connell*
Aviva and Louis Pinto*
Jean-Marie and Steven Posner*
Claudia Caruso Rouhana*
Nicole Morton Salerno*
Jane and Martin Schwartz*
Shore Family Foundation*
Merry and Richard Slone*
Elizabeth S. Steinhauser*
Jane and Russell Stern*
Reina and John L. Teeger*
Patricia and Edward Travaglianti*
Donna and Curtis V. Trinko*
Frank Ullman*
Katherine and Leo Ullman*
Valley National Bank*
Elaine and Leonard Wurzel*


Susan Isaacs and Elkan Abramowitz
Robert Lee Aitken
Deborah and Richard Barbash
Lelia Waldman and Alan Berk
Barbara and Leonard Blum
Patricia and Douglas Bridges
Patricia Carbo
Edward Constantino
Elayne Boros
Florence and Abe Elenowitz
Beth and Daniel Eule
Nancy and Jay N. Feldman
Sylvia and Leon Felsher
Marcia Forman
Randi and Richard Freeman
Ilene Miller and Donald Friedman
Tina and Avery Fuchs
Barbara and Steven Grapstein
Edith Van Raalte
Nora and William R. Haagenson
Jo Ellen and Ira Hazan
Bridget and Peter Hirsch
Deborah and Joseph Holland, Jr.
Beth and David Horn
jWin Electronics
Maggie Keats
Michael Krevor
Diane and Stephen Lovell
Virginia Marshall Martus
Erica and Christopher McKenna
Francina and Bernard Medoff
Karyn and Steven Miller
Joan Nahas
Nathalie and Andrew Pearson
Valerie Altmann and Daniel Perla
Port Washington Korean Parents Association
Lenore and Louis Potters
Publishers Clearing House
Restaurant Yamaguchi
Carol and Gerald Rossettie
Elaine and Lawrence Rothenberg
Meryl and Ken Rubin
Gail and Stephen I. Rudin
Donna and James Russo
Barbara and Martin D. Sass
Stacey and Jonathan Satovsky
Rosalind and Franklyn Schaefer
Patricia and Robert M. Schanzer
Meg and Elliot Sealove
Sultan S. Salem, DDS
Janet and Neil Seiden
Sheehan & Company CPA
Joann and Anthony Sica
Rachel Schwartz and Alan Silverman
Ms. Lillian McCormick and Mrs. Adrian Sokoloff
Ilene and Steven Silberstein
Anne and Robert Stokvis
Laura Sznyter
Barbara and Bertram Taffet
Alice and Mitchell Tamkin
Norman Tanner
Patsy and Douglas A. Warner, III
Andrea Watson
Arlee and Richard J. Weiss
Robin and Zelik Ziegelbaum


Jacalyn and Andrew Aaron
Amsterdam House
Susan Bartell
Annmarie and George Benzinger
Helene Blue
Terry Blumenfeld
Janet Boxer
Elisabeth and Paul Brensic
Rose Marie and Joseph Cangiani
Barbara and David Dash
Gail and David Deutsch
Sylvia Dunsky
Susan Klein Elicks
Nancy and Jerry Federlein
Paul G. Felix, Jr.
Janet Felsher
First Church of Christ Scientists
Dominick Giordano
Gail Gutenplan
Barbara and Alfred Hagedorn
Hallelujah New York Church Inc.
Happy Montessori School
Ayhan Hassan
Robin and Jonathan Helfat
Alan E. Helman
Susan Vanden Heuval
Judith Hoffman
Diana and Donald Holden
Shelley and Jeffrey Holtzman
Kathy Huang
Joel Isaacson & Company
Rosemarie and Martin R. Keller
Sharon and Patrik Kennelly
Joan Gay Kent
Marcia and Jerry Kirschenbaum
Leslye and Andrew Kress
Debra Mangino
Mary Jane and Patrick Marron
Claudine and Daniel McKinney
Janet and Daniel Mermel
Midwest Tape, LLC
Blossom Miller
Mary Lou Morella
Shari Patrick
Jody and David Perla
Joy Perla
Andrew L. Pollack
Port Washington Teachers Association Retired Educators
Eleanore Reznik
Dana Rochester
Cynthia and Michael Rubinberg
Peggy and Christopher Ryan
Sheila Saferstein
Judith Saffer
Barbara Breen and Joseph Salvo
Marcia S. Sander
Ellen Savran
Jennifer and Matthew Schwartz
Teresa and Robert Stern
Jacqueline and Daniel M. Sze
Linda Waxler
Patricia and Robert Weiner
Bonnie Zarabi


Leslie and Andrew Abramowitz
Aceto Corporation
Lorriane Mesagna and Matthew Ackert
Christine and Adrian Alley
Louise and Saverio Angiuli
Austin F. Knowles, Inc.
Mary Balika
Doreen and Michael Berne
Halina Bitensky
Stuart Bondell
Desiree and Scott Bookstein
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Borut
Lawrence J. Bowles
Vicki Seltzer and Richard Brach
Mary Breen
Dr. and Mrs. I. E. Breitner
Joan Brenner
Ruth and Stanley Broitman
Virginia Bugliarello
Joanne and George Bundschuh
Coleen and Charles Caccavo
Sherri and Drew Caplin
Maria and Anthony Carpinelli
Irmgard and Robert Carras
Joan and Thomas Casement
Gary Casson
Rosetta and Robert Chao
Laura and Leo Cimini
Thomasina and Joseph Ciulla
Marion and Arthur Cohen
Sasha and Eugene Cooper
Roberta and Michael Cooperman
Sally and Robert Corriel
Nancy and James H. Cowles
Maria and Dominick D’Alonzo
Paula Davis
John J. Delach
Betty Nexsen DeVries
Dimension II Associates
Gloria Dobbs
Monika and Neil Dorman
Michelle and Michael Duran
Pasgua and Edward Dziadul
Frances and Stuart Eizenstat
Beth and Robert Epstein
Connie C. Epstein
Lisa and Michael Epstein
Diana and Ronald Ezring
Doreen and Peter Faccibene
Alwyn Farey-Jones
Noelle and Burt Faure
Miriam and Gerald S. Fine
Christina Fiore
John H. Flynn
McDara Folan, Jr.
Max O. Fraenkel
Joan M. Friedman
Julie Geller
Wendy and Steven Gelman
Gilbert Hammer
Cindy and Michael Gitman
Josephine Gnecco
Carol and Donald Goldblatt
Marian Goodman
Renee Goodstein
Karen and Geoffrey Gordon
Marilyn and Gene Grayson
Annette and Emanuel Greene
Eleanor and Robert Grogan
Joanne and Frank Gumper
Maryjo and Michael H. Hall
Melissa and Scott Hames
Breck and Robert Hassett
Francis Hefferin
Nancy Heller
Joan MacLeod Heminway
Cynthia and Daniel Herron
Nadine Heyman
Eleanor and Victor Himel
Sharon and William Hohauser
Abigail Orshefsky and Peter Jackson
Elisabeth Charlotte Jordan
Eleanor and Robert E. Juceam
Carol K.
Oscar J. Kranz, M.D., P.C.
Jean and James Larkin
Lena and Claes Larsson
Yuk-Ming Lau
Arlene and Erwin Lear
Patricia Lee
Jessica and Arthur S. Leibowitz
Evelyn and Aaron W. Levy
Lynne Lieblein
Ann and Albert Lingelbach
Verna and Hyman Livingston
Susan Miller
Adele and Daniel Macdonald
Kenneth S. Magida
Marcia and Mark Marcellus
Margaret and Arthur Matthews
Mae and Thomas Mauri
Stacy Mauriello
Clara Mazzei
Sean McCarthy
Mary Ellen and William J. McCollum
Edward McIlhenny
Julie and Shawn Meehan
Vivian and Myles Megdal
Geraldine Merker
Barbara H. Meyer
Barbara and Alexander Miller
Nelle Saltzman Miller
Fran and Richard Moger
Andrea and Peter Moleski
Joseph Muratore
Joan and David J. Mykoff
Debbie and Frank Naclerio
Marlene Nowicki
Nancy Oestreich
Melissa and Fred Ostrove
Anne and Harry Otterman
Patti Paris
Yvonne Pastolove
Helen Paxton
Mary and Henry D. Perry
Roberta and Donald Polay
Port Washington SEPTA
Port Washington Teachers Association
Fran and Jeffrey Powell
Jocelyn and Ivin Prince
Deborah and Michael Rashti
Judith and Richard Raskin
Marie Rautenberg
Mercedes and Francis G. Rea
Kathleen and Joseph Reilly
Wilma and Alex Rekow
Peter Rogatz, MD
Jayne and Peter Rosenberg
Mildred and Marvin Hoffstot
Thomas Rothstein
Rynkar, Vail & Barrett
Marilyn and James Sacrestano
Sahn Ward Coschignano & Baker
Susan and Henry E. Salzhauer
Karen and Neil Sambursky
Rita and George Scandalios
Rebecca and David Schamis
Nancy and Zvi Schechner
Gay and William Schmergel
David Segal
Adam Seidel
Michelle and Randy Shain
Judith Shapiro
Susan Shine
Barbro Shopsin
Edward Shorin
Robin and David Sigman
Nancy and Norman Silber
Irene and Hilton Silver
Barbara and Daniel Simon
Mary and Stephen Spector
Christine and Edward Stack
Evelyn Strauss
Nicki and Gregory Thomaier
Susan and Paul Thomson
LeeAnne Timothy
Tri-County Plumbing and Heating, LLC
Olga and John Tsampas
Gerald Tucci
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tully
Brenda and Arnold Turok
Mariko and Ko Ushiyama
Nancy and Alan Warshow
James F. Wenk
Sania Wilkins
Grace and Rowan Wilson
Nancy and S. Willis Wright
Catherine and Henry T. Wu
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wurzel
Mary Anne Yanulis and Kenneth Rubin
Dale and David Yorkes
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Young
Susanne and Jonathan Young
Kathy and Ira L. Zankel
Ellen Zimmerman

*1892 Society

Gifts given from July 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013
We apologize to anyone inadvertently omitted from this list.