JOAN CRAWFORD DOUBLE FEATURE: As a Mother’s Day treat, we present two early Joan Crawford vehicles. In Harry Beaumont’s silent picture Our Dancing Daughters (1928-84 min.), flapper Diana Medford (Joan) is secretly an old fashioned gal, while her gold-digging pal Ann (Anita Page) is masquerading as an ingénue. Who will win the hand of millionaire Ben Blaine (Johnny Mack Brown)? After a brief intermission, Joan returns as Alice “Bingo” Dowling, a vivacious flapper from the jungles of South America, in Jack Conway’s musical, Untamed (1929-86 min.). Bingo falls in love at first sight with playboy Andy McAllister (Robert Montgomery), but socialite Marjorie (Gwen Lee) claims him for herself. These glossy gems come from the Warner Archive. 1:30 p.m.