Italian Cinema

LOVE, LUST & CRIME: A Look at Relationships in Italian Cinema. Join Professor Valerie Franco for six programs in September and October. These comedies, dramas and thrillers cover such diverse topics as the exploitation of women, the destructive forces of the Mafia, and the way that love compels us to change our lives. With two decades of experience in film and television production in New York and Hollywood, Professor Franco lectures throughout the U.S. and Europe on cinema, women in film and literature, and Italian and Italian-American culture. Tonight’s film is Bitter Rice (1949-108 min.). Impoverished laborer Silvana (Silvana Mangano) turns down a chance to immigrate to South America in favor of an affair with Walter (Vittorio Gassman), the lover of her best friend. Director Giuseppe De Santis also scripted. In Italian with English subtitles. Note the early start time: 7 p.m.