BARRYMORE FILM FESTIVAL: Throughout 2013 we’ll celebrate the cinematic legacy of the Barrymore acting dynasty: the ever-curmudgeonly Lionel (1878-1954); his younger sister, the regal Ethel (1879-1959); their alternately dashing and soused brother John (1882-1942); John’s son John Drew Barrymore (1932-2004); and John Drew’s daughter, the always adorable Drew Barrymore (b. 1975). We launch with Richard Boleslovsky’s Rasputin and the Empress (1932-121 min.), which offers the most Barrymore for the buck: Ethel as Czarina Alexandra, John as Prince Paul Chegodieff and Lionel as the scoundrel Grigori Rasputin. After a brief intermission, John returns as Tom Cardigan, a mob mouthpiece turned principled prosecutor in George Archainbaud’s crackling drama State’s Attorney (1932-79 min.). 1:30 p.m.