FILM MOVEMENT FILM FESTIVAL: The organization Film Movement offers independent films, foreign films, documentaries and shorts to educational institutions. The library has been screening and circulating these titles since 2004, and will present five more features (with six shorts) throughout this month. Tonight’s headliner is Antares (2004-119 min.). Writer/director Gotz Spielmann looks at three couples living in an Austrian apartment complex. Alex (Andreas Kiendl) cannot let go of his ex-wife, Nicole (Martina Zinner). Pregnant Sonja (Susanne Wuest) grows jealous of her husband Marco (Dennis Cubic). Eva (Petra Morze), a loyal wife and mother, enters into a fling with Tomasz (Andreas Patton). In German with English subtitles. Also, filmmakers Van and Casey Neisat take a bicycle ride through The Holland Tunnel (3 min.). 7:30 p.m.